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Mitzvah Corps is the Union for Reform Judaism's network of immersive social justice travel programs for high school students, running summer trips to locations around the globe. Through direct service, supplemented by exposure to many voices in the local community, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges those communities face, and the innovative ways in which individuals and organizations are creating effective and lasting solutions. Most importantly, you'll have the chance to build meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, people from around the world, ask valuable questions, support local efforts, and be a real global citizen!

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Compassion Saves Lives

Mitzvah Corps allowed me to see the authentic Israel...

Our Responsibility to Syrian Refugees

No one chooses to be a refugee. My experience has shown me that the least we can do is follow the example of Israel and treat the refugee crisis just as we would want to be treated. I hope the Jewish community can look upon Ziv’s example with pride and inspiration, and continue to be informed, compassionate, and willing to pursue justice for these people.

San Felipe & Community

It has taken me until today to gather my thoughts about my trip to El Salvador. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the people I met in San Felipe. As I began to reflect on my experience, I realized something that surprised me. The people who live in San Felipe didn't need our help, they cherished our company. In an isolated village, you see the same faces every day. But we were new, strange, exciting and different. However, we became a part of that community faster than I ever could have imagined.

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